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Item Title
War zone contracting termed huge failure
Contractors: Not Just for the DoD Any More
Licensed to Kill
GAO Details a Bloated Budget for Government Contracts
New book on PMCs by renown author David Isenberg
Dogs of War: A small step for contractors
Use of Mercenaries in Conflict Zones Mulled
Private Military Companies, civilian contractors and the Global War on Terror
Blackwater Worldwide and the Role of Mercenaries in 21st Century Armed Conflicts
Dogs of War: Two little words
Mercenaries in the line of fire
Outsourcing The Fight
A new class of corporate warriors
Private Security Company Announces At-Cost Security Services for Non-Profit Organizations
US military orders court-martial for contractor in Iraq
Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Closing Contractor Tax Loophole
Panel wants to limit activities of private firms in war zones
Senate panel curbs private security firms
When facing death is all in a day's work
Third meeting on the Swiss initiative on private military and security companies
Blackwater's World Of Warcraft
Under Blackwater, our troops would finally make a killing for killing
A more private occupation
Battlefield Accountability for Contractors: At What Cost?
Two faces of Blackwater: Bernd Debusmann
American Defense Contractors Mark Five Years as Hostages
Good News! PSCs and NGOs Get Along…Sometimes
Beyond Government Accountability
Dogs of War: Modest proposals for reform
Loophole Irks Contract Watchdogs
Locked, loaded and lucrative
Canadians hire warlord for security
Merc Company for Sale?
The civilian presence in modern warfare
Patriotism or Profit: Private Military Contractors in Nevada
Welcome Aboard Blackwater Airlines
Private security companies engaging in new forms of mercenary activity, says UN Working Group
Immunity deals "routine" for contractors
The U.S. addiction to privatizing wars: Bernd Debusmann
Security firms must be discreet
Six-figure bonuses retain US commandos
Blackwater Is Soaked
IPOA Press Release
CNN says Blackwater slaying suspect hired again
Blackwater by Numbers: A Statistical Index
Blackwater Faulted In Military Reports From Shooting Scene
Machiavelli's Real Transgression - by Alan Bock
Blackwater: The U.S.'s Trigger-Happy Guardians
Private armies under fire
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