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Private Military/Security Companies 

Private Military Companies or Private Security Companies are a reality in 21st century conflicts all around the globe.  Often mistaken with their ancient predecessors (the so-called mercenaries), offer their protection/defensive services to both private and public clients, including NGOs, United Nations, aid agencies and goverments.

This site is a portal which offers news and articles on this topic. A controversial topic which gains more and more public attention due to their status as civilians and increasing casualties among this group of operators .

Together with the whole private security community we are crediting their sacrifice. Be it to their country, their client or asset to be protected or their buddies working at their side. 
Mercenaries in the line of fire
 9 June 08 - A report on the role of transnational corporations presented to the Human Rights Council Wednesday (June 4), made a reference to the problem of the violations of human rights in conflict zones made by private security companies. It is an issue that human rights advocates say should be examined
UN Expert Group says UK Private Military and Security companies could support regulation
United Nations
The United Kingdom's private military and security companies (PMSC) would support the establishment of a national and international system of regulation of their activities, the UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries said in concluding a mission to the country last week. The Group also welcomed the companies' willingness to agree on a set of basic principles.
ArmorGroup Employee Awarded Prestigious Bravery Honour for Iraq Rescue
Corporate News
ArmorGroup International plc, the international provider of protective security services, has announced that Terry Goodman, one of its employees, has been awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Silver Medal, the highest honour the Society can bestow. Terry was granted the honour, which is awarded to those who have put themselves in extreme personal danger, for his rescue of a wounded colleague in Iraq while under sustained insurgent fire and while he was seriously injured himself.
Outsourcing The Fight
P.W. Singer 06.05.08, 6:00 PM ET

In 1992 a relatively little-known, Texas-based oil services firm called Halliburton was awarded a $3.9 million Pentagon contract. Its task was to write a classified report on how private companies, like itself, could support the logistics of U.S. military deployments into countries with poor infrastructure. Conspiracy theories aside, it is hard to imagine that either the company or the client realized that 15 years later this contract (now called the Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program or LOGCAP) would be worth as much as $150 billion.
Russian Mercenaries Over Africa
June 4, 2008:  The recent death of a Russian fighter pilot in Sudan, while flying a Sudanese MiG-29, brought to light the fact that Russian pilots, both active duty and retired, have been flying Sudan's 14 MiG-29s. This is because it has proven more difficult than expected to train Sudanese to do the job.
Blackwater's aggressive, entrepreneurial culture keeps its business growing
Business News

May 17, 2008 (McClatchy Newspapers - McClatchy-Tribune News Service via COMTEX) -- -- Blackwater was all over the news last fall, and the news wasn't good. The North Carolina company created a diplomatic crisis when its guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad square.

The Iraqi government promised to evict the company from Iraq. Blackwater's reclusive owner, Erik Prince, was called to Congress to testify; and afterward, he began a PR blitz of the national media. He even appeared on "60 Minutes."

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