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The Contractor Recruitment Challenge
Blackwater quietly expanding its reach
Blackwater Worldwide: Small Business?
Blackwater's bright future
Blackwater's aggressive, entrepreneurial culture keeps its business growing
CACI International Receives Largest Contract Worth $12.23 Bln. From Defense Information Systems Agen
An islands tax haven for US defense contractor
Blackwater revives mission
Contractors vs employees: KBR and Blackwater shell games
KBR, Fluor, DynCorp vie for up to $150 bln Army deals
Former intelligence chief moves to Canadian private security firm
DynCorp down 7.5%; Wachovia says L-3 Communications protest "may delay revenue"
Blackwater sniper killed 3 in disputed February attack
IPOA Statement Regarding the Membership Status of Blackwater USA
Peace Out: Blackwater Splits with Trade Group that Promotes the "Peace and Stability" Industry
Blackwater Quits Security Association
CACI to Buy Columbia-Based Dragon Development
Private contractor may help Border Patrol
Blackwater launching airship built in Elizabeth City soon
Gazprom to raise its own private army to protect oil installations
US-IRAQ: Blackwater Blues for Dead Contractors Families
KBR in line for big Army payday
Army Splits Award Among 3 Firms
DynCorp wants to patrol U.S. borders
ArmorGroup To Broaden Afghan Training Operations
Raytheon to lead Army global training project
Blackwater CEO Speaks on Virginia Tech
DynCorp Surges to New High on Earnings
L-3 awarded $21.7M contract from Britain
ArmorGroup named exclusive security provider for logistics co AUL in Iraq
Blackwater USA and The Backup Training Corporation Announce Strategic Partnership
Universal Guardian Earns $1.5 Million Contract With Military
DynCorp International Inc. Schedules Earnings Conference Call to Discuss Fourth Quarter 2007
Second British Firm Bids for Iraq Security Contract
Firms Protest Exclusion From Iraq Security Bid
CACI Awarded $35 Million Contract to Provide Intelligence-Related Support to Naval Surface Warfare C
The Steele Foundation Acquires Highly Respected Asia Investigative Team
Coeur d'Alene company gets major contract from huge security firm
Blackwater Lodge Wins $366,944 Contract
ArmorGroup wins $189 million contract to protect U.S. embassy in Kabul
GAO Backs L-3 Military Contract Protest
ArmorGroup 87.25p +0.25p Questor says Buy
Halliburton bails out of Iraq, KBR and now America
Russian energy companies might develop security forces
Contractor could lose $400 million
UAE Hires DynCorp To Advise Local Maintenance Firm
Security professionals gloomy on terrorism outlook
Blackwater USA hires Ford workers to build new APC
Blackwater brass forms intelligence company
Businesses add up the cost of surviving in an unsafe world
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